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Bridging the Gap between Industries and the Classroom

Participate in Without Walls EDU’s

 Industry Collaboration Program

Inspire Future Generations

At Without Walls EDU, we believe in building bridges between education and the industry to inspire and educate young minds about STEM careers. We have many opportunities for you to directly impact shaping the future generation of STEM professionals.

 Showcase your career through the “A Day in the Life as…” program. 

Give students first-hand insight into your field. Share what a typical day in your industry looks like and inspire them to explore similar career paths. We will work with you to create the content to share with our audience. 

STEM Career Kit Collaboration

Partner with us to create an engaging, hands-on STEM exploration kit related to your field. This is a great way to spark interest and curiosity in young minds about the work you do.  By collaborating on the STEM Career Exploration Kit, you will have a unique opportunity to directly influence the next generation of professionals in your field. Your insights and expertise will 
help shape the kit, making it an effective tool for nurturing an early interest in your industry.  

Partner with us

Partner with us for a STEM Career Exploration Kit to spark interest in young minds about the work you do, while also enhancing your brand’s visibility and influence.

Host a Student STEM Competition

At Without Walls EDU, we offer a unique opportunity to host a STEM competition focused on a current challenge in your industry. This approach provides students with real-world problem-solving experience and gives your organization potential innovative solutions from a fresh perspective. Not only does this initiative encourage students to think critically and creatively about industry issues but also gives them a sense of contribution to real-world problems.


What Our Families are Saying

“I love how many activities are in each kit, it lets my child pick what he wants to do first” – Jen S

“My daughter could not stop playing with the Forensic Kit, she continues to solve crimes in our home!” – Meghan T

“I love the fact that while my kids are “playing”, they are learning and I am planting seeds for their future” – Teresa G