Escape Room

At Without Walls, we are pleased to introduce our Cipher House program –
 STEM Escape rooms that come to your school! 

Collaborate and Problem Solve

They are a 30-minute hands-on experience designed to offer students a platform to engage, collaborate, problem-solve, and communicate effectively.  Crafted as in-house field trips for grade 3 and up, these immersive experiences are content-based and are adjusted to suit the grade level. Our primary aim is to spur curiosity and foster a rich understanding in students through real-world problem-solving scenarios.

Collaborate and Problem Solve – An Engaging Immersive Experience

Our pioneering escape room,’Trapped’, is set in a future impacted by climate change. Here, students will have the unique opportunity to test their knowledge in a captivating and interactive setting, all while being guided by our supportive staff. To ensure that the learning extends beyond the confines of the escape room, we provide cross-curricular pre and post activities, designed to enhance the learning experience.

Come and join us at Without Walls Escape Rooms. Let your students experience the thrill of learning STEM in a fun and engaging way!


Reading / Writing

Informational and creative reading and writing opportunities are offered.


Use your math or science skills to collect data and/or observe results.


Create something unique through art.

Critical Thinking

Apply what you already know to something new.


Use the design process to create, revise, and test one or more activities.


Includes opportunities to role play or use materials in fictitious scenarios.


How many students can go into an escape space at a time?

Each unit is designed to support small group collaboration so no more than 4 students. We have identical units so more students can participate in the experience at the same time.

How will I know how many units I will need?

When considering booking this experience, a WoW Team member will work with you to help determine how many units you need and for what duration based on how many students you would like to participate. This is a partnership, so we work closely with you and your schedule.

How long is the Escape experience?

Our standard escape experience is 30 minutes. This allows for multiple groups to go through during a school day. We do offer the traditional 55-minute experience for those that wish that option.

Are there any space requirements?

Each unit requires an 8′ x 8′ space indoors, with access to an outlet.

Are the experiences scary?

Not at all! We want students to be excited and engaged, not nervous or afraid. Our units are essentially 3-sided, this allows the freedom to “step out”. The storyline is created to engage and excite but there are no elements that would lead to fear. In addition, teachers are provided a guide that gives pre and post activity suggestions. These activities can help students prepare for the escape room, eliminating any pre-jitters.

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