About WOW’s Founder

Welcome to Without Walls EDU, where our passion for education and industry knowledge come together to create a world of endless possibilities for students.  The founder of WOW is passionate about helping other industry professionals and students take their education to the next level.

Founder & CEO

Carissa Brazeal started working in education in 2004. She entered the corporate offices of a charter school system, immersing herself in the curriculum and financial departments. Simultaneously pursuing her teaching degree, she balanced her time and responsibilities with aplomb. As a classroom educator, she taught middle school Math and Science for 10 years before running the middle school STEM Program. During her tenure, she’s has been awarded by National Geographic, became an Ambassador for the NASA STEM Endeavor Program, recognized by her school with Teacher of the Year and by Broward County schools as the SECME-STEM Coordinator of the year, and nominated for the Presidential Award of Excellence in Math & Science. She has helped her students take home over a hundred awards in STEM for their hard work and innovation. She strives to teach that failure is not an obstacle but rather an opportunity.

In her journey as an educational entrepreneur, she brings her passion for education to life. Her goal is simple yet ambitious: to make sure every student feels supported and motivated, equipped with the tools they need to succeed in the future. She believes that a creative childhood is the key to effective learning. That’s why she champions an education system that breaks free from traditional classroom boundaries, where innovation, curiosity, and imagination can thrive without limits.


What Our Families are Saying

“I love how many activities are in each kit, it lets my child pick what he wants to do first” – Jen S

“My daughter could not stop playing with the Forensic Kit, she continues to solve crimes in our home!” – Meghan T

“I love the fact that while my kids are “playing”, they are learning and I am planting seeds for their future” – Teresa G